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September 2015  

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Severus, Redux: Chapter Twenty Three  
07:57am 19/09/2015
(In which Severus snoops where he shouldn't.)

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Severus, Redux: Chapter Twenty-Two  
12:03pm 28/06/2015
(In which Atreus has enlightening conversations)
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It's so sad...  
11:03am 23/06/2015
This morning, driving to work, I came to a stoplight behind another car. I had been behind this car for a while, and while we were going a bit fast (less then ten mph over), neither of us had done anything else wrong or even bad road manners that I was aware of. So it rather surprised me to see the car in the lane next to us stop abreast of Acura-in-Front-of-Me with his middle finger very firmly extended in Acura's direction.

He glanced behind him (his truck had ended up sort of between ours in the other lane, and locked eyes with me. I gave him a look that was a cross between "I'm confused" and that same mild disapproving look I give my daughter when I catch her with her fingers in her nose.

Truck-Guy yelled loudly enough to be heard through both of our rolled up windows, "Yeah, fuck you, too, Bitch!"

I gave a slightly incredulous shrug. His response?

"Yeah, I know you don't care. You're ugly, and American!"

Uhhhhhhh, okay? At this point it was difficult not to laugh. Because first of all, you're wrong, Truck Guy. On a few levels. I am a kind and generous person that has never once flipped off another driver, even when they deserved it. I gave my last $2.00 to a guy for gas this morning who ran out right in front of my eyes and offered to take him to the gas station, even though I am now late for work. Of the two of us, I am not the one behaving ugly.

Second of all, why would you think calling me ugly is a valid response to me not understanding your bad mood? Am I supposed to be hurt or upset that a rude stranger doesn't find me attractive? Am I supposed to cry? Sorry (not sorry), but no dice. I'm stronger than the puppies you're used to kicking, I'm afraid. Plus, I have a very loving, wonderful husband who makes no secret of the fact that HE finds me beautiful. His penis is really the only one that I care about attracting.

Third of all, yes, I am an American. I'm not positve what that has to do with your bad mood, but I'm pretty sure whatever it is, you can't point fingers. I'm pretty sure you are also an American. Yeah, don't think I don't recognize your PNW Hill accent. Also, you have WA state plates. It is possible you are Canadian, but really, that only means you're America's kissing cousin.

I'm sorry you are having a bad morning. I'm even more sorry that as a man in your middle years you have yet to learn how to control your temper and speak to other human beings politely. You must be a very unhappy person in general.
tags: general, rant
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Severus, Redux: Chapter Twenty-One  
06:11am 13/06/2015
(In which Hermione attends Potions class and has a pointed conversation with Professor Dumbledore...)
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Happily Ever After the Fact IX: The Prisoner of Azkaban  
09:14am 16/05/2015
May, 2010
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Happily Ever After the Fact VII: For Every Action...  
04:15am 09/05/2015
March 2010
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Happily Ever After the Fact VII: Pyramid Schemes and "Unfortunate" Side Effects  
08:22am 02/05/2015
February 2010
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Tyche's Notes: Chapter One: Classifications of Magic  
10:34am 26/04/2015

Part One: Classifications of Magic

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Tyche's Notes: Magical Theory 101  
10:32am 26/04/2015

Summary: Geeky non-canon notes about various aspects of the HP world that I use to keep that world organized and more real (to me at least). Includes magical theory, world building, anything I think someone as nerdy as I am might find interesting. You are more than welcome to skip if it's not your cup of tea. ;-)

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, spells, fictional places etc, etc do not belong to me. However, quite a lot of this DOES belong to me, as these are my Head-canon notes. JKR did not create my viewpoints on HP world magical theory, nor does she endorse them as canon. Ditto for the random numbers you happen to see hanging about (ie number of wards, etc). If you are interested in using my Head Canon for any reason, all I ask is that you credit me in an author note somewhere. :-)

Pairings/Main Characters: This is not a story. There are no characters except what is used in example.

Warnings: This is not a story and the notes contained within are not canon. I am not expecting people to necessarily agree with them. I am posting them simply because a few people thought it would be interesting.

Thank You: To JKR for letting me play with her world, and to those who have expressed an interest in the behind-the-scenes "stuff" I come up with and only peripherally use.

Dedication: To susanmarier, who has spent countless hours making banner art for me, for a runic alphabet I made up entirely only to never use when that particular story was pulled for plot reasons, and who first expressed an interest in my personal head canon.

By: TycheSong

Part One: Classifications of Magic
Part Two:
Elemental Inclinations, Echo Theory and Wandlore
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Happily Ever After the Fact VI: Sex and Marriage  
09:15am 25/04/2015
April 1998
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