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May 2015  

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Happily Ever After the Fact IX: The Prisoner of Azkaban  
09:14am 16/05/2015
May, 2010
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Happily Ever After the Fact VII: For Every Action...  
04:15am 09/05/2015
March 2010
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Happily Ever After the Fact VII: Pyramid Schemes and "Unfortunate" Side Effects  
08:22am 02/05/2015
February 2010
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Tyche's Notes: Chapter One: Classifications of Magic  
10:34am 26/04/2015

Part One: Classifications of Magic

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Tyche's Notes: Magical Theory 101  
10:32am 26/04/2015

Summary: Geeky non-canon notes about various aspects of the HP world that I use to keep that world organized and more real (to me at least). Includes magical theory, world building, anything I think someone as nerdy as I am might find interesting. You are more than welcome to skip if it's not your cup of tea. ;-)

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters, spells, fictional places etc, etc do not belong to me. However, quite a lot of this DOES belong to me, as these are my Head-canon notes. JKR did not create my viewpoints on HP world magical theory, nor does she endorse them as canon. Ditto for the random numbers you happen to see hanging about (ie number of wards, etc). If you are interested in using my Head Canon for any reason, all I ask is that you credit me in an author note somewhere. :-)

Pairings/Main Characters: This is not a story. There are no characters except what is used in example.

Warnings: This is not a story and the notes contained within are not canon. I am not expecting people to necessarily agree with them. I am posting them simply because a few people thought it would be interesting.

Thank You: To JKR for letting me play with her world, and to those who have expressed an interest in the behind-the-scenes "stuff" I come up with and only peripherally use.

Dedication: To susanmarier, who has spent countless hours making banner art for me, for a runic alphabet I made up entirely only to never use when that particular story was pulled for plot reasons, and who first expressed an interest in my personal head canon.

By: TycheSong

Part One: Classifications of Magic
Part Two:
Elemental Inclinations, Echo Theory and Wandlore
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Happily Ever After the Fact VI: Sex and Marriage  
09:15am 25/04/2015
April 1998
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Happily Ever After the Fact V: The Importance of Being Earnest  
06:44am 18/04/2015
April, 1998
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Happily Ever After the Fact IV: If I Could Turn Back Time (I Wouldn't Assassinate the Minister)  
10:38am 11/04/2015
April 1998
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Update On Me  
02:56pm 06/04/2015
I had all four wisdom teeth removed on Thursday morning with sedation. This included one surgical extraction (fairly straight-forward), one partial bony extraction (the roots were lodged in my bone and had to be dug out), and two complex full-full bony impactions (my lower teeth were sideways and completely encased in my mandibular bone, so the bone had to be scraped off, the tooth quartered and removed in pieces).

It is therefore day five of my recovery and the swelling has started to go down and bruising is setting in. I look like I might be domestically abused, and I go back to work tomorrow. Also, I work in a dental office. So that will be fun. My patients will either believe I'm abused or that my doctor sucks, when in truth I just had super difficult surgery and bruise super easily. It's a lovely gentic gift that came with my uber fair skin. *sigh*

In other news, I've been watching an absurd amount of HGTV lately, and now my head is full of remodelling/updating dreams for my 1980s house. Which we might be able to pay for if we take out a second loan in like...ten-fifteen years. X-D I should not be allowed to watch remodelling shows and DIY things. It will cause me nothing but pain haha!!

My gorgeous Wee Tiny is now one year old! She has now learned that if she has a walker/toy to hang on to she can propel herself in a straight line using a bipedal stance. Turning is still beyond her, as is letting go. So she mostly prefers to cruise around our furniature instead.

With her advanced age also comes the peeping out of another tooth. It's her right maxilliary canine, so if her left comes in I'll have a baby vampire. My husband finds this slightly disturbing, but I'm kind of hoping it happens. Because, you know. Baby Vampire. X-D Especially amusing when combined with her gorgeous jewel-blue eyes and hair that seems to be caught in the middle of "little girl" hair and "duck down."

My baby is perfect, no one can tell me otherwise. Even if she does enjoy whacking me in the tender jaw whilst I'm holding her.

Also, finally got results of the sshg fic awards posted, with a few minor bumps. Not sure I'll be continuing that next year. We'll see.
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Happily Ever After the Fact III: Engaged and Disengaged  
07:45am 04/04/2015
December, 2009
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