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Even With This World Torn Asunder...

...Here There Is All Of Time And Peace.

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1 January
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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I am thirty-something, and I've been a Harry Potter fan-fic reader/lurker for over a decade and a half, and started writing fanfics about four years ago. It was a new years resolution (which are more important to me then you might think), and I was incredibly nervous about it at first. Now I am SO glad I stepped more fully into this world. The support and encouragement I've found in the fic community has been amazing and rewarding.

[edit: except on facebook. Since my account was deleted there, the drama in life has gone way down. I encourage all of my SSHG friends to stay far, far away from the facebook community]

I was born on January 1st (which is one of the reasons why my resolutions are a big deal to me). This makes me a capricorn if you care about astrology, a sagittarius if you understand astronomy, and overly fond of fireworks and champagne either way. :-)

I enjoy reading almost any pairing, though my absolute fave OTP is SSHG. I fell for those two and hard. I currently have trouble reading Sev with anyone else...though I'm happy to pass Hermione around on a regular basis. :-P My fave "other" ships are Malfoymione of any kind and rare-pairs. A rare-pair done well makes me squee with utter delight. :-) 3

My Must Haves: A Happy Ending
My Squicks: Hermionemort, Adultary

Other addictions of mine:
Accessories. Be it handbags, headbands, shoes, scarves or hats, I love them!

Coffee Drinks: Carmel Machiatos, toffee-nut soy chais, blackberry mochas...I don't drink my coffee straight, and I drink it EVERY day.

Travel: I've been to most of the western US (bar AK), plus (in order) Norway, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Ireland.

Other: Hard cider, strawberries, pine-orange-banana juice.

My best advice to ANYONE thinking of posting their work is get a beta, get a beta, get a beta. I never post anything without at least two other people checking it first. In some cases, I've been obsessive enough to have as many as five people look at one chapter before posting, for various reasons. There are lots of types of betas out there: Plot Developers, Grammar Nazis, Canon Nazis, Brit-Pickers. Most of them cross over into each others territory at least a little. There is no shame in asking a beta for help--that's why they are there, and your writing will only be better and more presentable from it!

ALPHA/BETA HELP: I've been soundboarding, proofreading, and cheerleading for years. My favorite aspect (and the one I am best at) is plot and character development. If you are in need of your scenes being filled out, bridged, or need help building/breaking tension, I am your girl. I am generally grammatically correct, but I am not a Grammar Nazi, and I don't Brit-Pick. I am willing to do both basic turn around and also one on one sessions on an im. I accept both docx and odt documents.

I am currently on google talk pretty consistantly--you're welcome to find me there at any time. That includes just to hang out and chat, too. :-) I am currently NOT accepting beta requests except on a case by case basis.

E-Mails/Instant Messangers:
TycheSong@hotmail.com (mail and im)
TycheSong@gmail.com (mail and im)

Live Journal: www.tychesong.livejournal.com
Deviant Art: I has no art skills. I am desperately jealous if you do.
Beta-reader: Yes
Gender: female
Twitter: @Tyche_Song
Location: No one ever looks up...

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